If you haven’t heard, Comedian D.L. Hughley recently expressed his unflattering opinion about Black women.  Really Mr. Hughley?  I mean REALLY!!?!!! The fact that you would come out of your mouth and say THAT about Black women on a national radio program makes me have nothing but utter disgust for you.  If I sound like an angry Black woman, I am, and PROUD of it.

If you haven’t heard what he said about Black women here is the deal – Mr. D.L. Hughley said that Black women are “angry”…”all the time.” To be exact, he said:

“I’ve never met an angrier group of people.

Like Black women are angry just in general.

Angry all the time.

My assessment, just in my judgment, you either are in charge

or they’re in charge, so there’s no kind of day that you get to rest.”

So, reading that statement ladies, how does that make you feel?  I’ll tell you how it makes me feel.  Not angry just DISGUSTED.  If you don’t feel some kind of way about somebody talking about your entire group or race, then something is wrong with you. I’m just saying!  Ladies- STAND UP!

But he does go on to say he “respects Black women a great deal.”

HUH?  So D.L. Hughley respects a group of people that he categorized as “angry” and according to his assesement are “angry all the time.”

HMMMM….. I wish he would make up his mind!  How is he talking sh*t one minute and then ending the conversation by saying he RESPECTS US?  If that’s what you call RESPECT D.L. Hughley, then I sure don’t want to be DISRESPECTED by you.

I’ll be the first to admit that not all my beautiful Black women are all warm and fuzzy inside about Black men or life in general, ME INCLUDED, but I would never categorize an entire group by race and say it on a national radio show.  What does that solve or prove?

I wonder if Mr. Hughley has ever asked himself why he only knows “angry” Black women?  Probably because they had to put up with his shenanigans!  I can list 101 reasons why Black women (MARRIED and SINGLE) get a bad rap for being “angry” from the LACK of QUALITY BROTHERS to pro-create and build a life with to seeing our young Black sons be gunned down like Trayvon Martin.  In most cases, Black women are the head of the household, the cook, the cleaner, the babysitter, the disciplinary and the watch dog of their domain, even in married scenarios.  Black women PUT IT DOWN to sum it up.  Even my married sisters carry the torch of taking care of the household and raising the children while putting up with disrespect and unequal treatment in the workplace but now we are getting disrespected by one of our own?!!!! Sorry, but I’m not feeling THAT.

And if you are a Black woman or know a Black woman that has not encountered such hardships, consider yourself LUCKY but I bet you their grandmother or mother have.  Are they angry too?

It’s not about us and our struggle.  WE know our own story – angry or not.  It’s about D.L. Hughley coming out of his face and being very disrespectful PERIOD.    And to think, he is married to a Black woman. #DARLING_ NIKKI_SIDE_EYE.  SIDEBAR:  If a Black man thinks  Black women are “angry” “all the time,” why would he then go and marry this “angry” person and be subjected to a life of misery?

It just doesn’t make sense. I think D.L. Hughley is just trying to be extra by stirring up some controversy to peddle his new book.  He thinks he is funny but he is not.  He’s probably just mad at the world because he is short.

I know D.L. Hughley has more money and fame then I will probably ever see but so what? Does that make his comments correct or give him license to act a fool?

The only thing that I can and will say in his defense is he does have the freedom of speech and for that reason, he can say whatever he wants.  But, let’s keep this in mind, the next time a Black woman says something or displays anger isn’t that freedom of speech, too?

My mom instilled in me (and my brother) that some things are not said or discussed in mixed company.  And even though that maybe a little old school, it rings true.

What was the point of him putting down the RACE that brought him into the world, that he married and that he pro-created with (and his kids will grow up to be angry Black women IF he is lucky)? #DARLING_NIKKI_SIDE_EYE

I think D.L. Hughley thinks he is being funny or cute.  Well, he’s not.  He’s being “angry.”


Another angry Black woman and proud of it!

Darling Nikki

Want to hear Hughley’s interview on NPR?  Listen here.  Read the TVONE.TV article about his statement here. 

TELL US:  Do You Think All Black Women are Angry?  How Do You Feel About D.L. Hughley’s Statement?