It’s been a busy 24 hours for Chrisette Michele.

Just yesterday we posted that the former R&B Diva and Grammy winner had been invited (and seemingly accepted) to sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration — a gig that folks like Jennifer Holliday backed away from due to Trump’s divisive campaign.

This garnered Michele with a ton of frowny faces on our Facebook page and more than the occasional Rihanna side-eye:

Whatevs! Michele shot back on Twitter early this morning with a letter that we’ve had to read a couple of times to fully comprehend:


That doesn’t really scream “Thanks President-Elect Trump, I would be happy to sing for you” it’s more like “Your election has killed everything inside me but if I have to be the ONLY Black person representing the struggle at your little event, I will.”

TELL US: Do you think her letter was a low-key slam on Trump or an apology to angry fans — or both?