Feet Hanging Over Balcony

(Originally published on 05.17.2012)

The students at a Philadelphia high school got an eyeful recently when an entire family was arrested for getting naked in the parking lot, while chanting about Jesus.

In what can only be described as the ultimate act of parental embarrassment, Sara Butler, 43, and three of her children undressed in the high school parking lot after an early dismissal request was refused.

It all began when Butler went into the Upper Darby High School in a suburb of Philadelphia to get her son early from school. According to police, Butler does not have parental rights to the child, so the school refused to let the student leave.

After a second unsuccessful attempt, Butler and her other three children — Joanne, 23 and Bessie, 22; along with her 14-year-old son — stripped down in the school parking lot. Reports say the four then proceeded to dance, run around and chant about Jesus Christ while in their birthday suits.

After their arrest, the matriarch and her youngest daughter refused to put their clothes on and were transported to the local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Joanne was charged and released on bail, while the teen boy was placed in Child Protective Services.