Photo copy of hand

(Originally published on 05.17.2012)

In another example of why it’s never a good idea to send erotic pics to "Mr. Right Now," a woman finds out her crazy ex-lover is spreading her business all over the Atlanta suburbs.

In the modern version of leaving a number on the bathroom stall, a scorned lover decides to prove how right his ex-lady was to leave him in the first place. After the Lawrenceville, GA, woman ended the relationship, it seems Mr. Wrong decided to print up some flyers with a semi-nude pic that his ex-girlfriend shared with him during their relationship. To make matters worse, he included her name and phone number before posting the flyer all over town.

The woman found out the hard way when the calls began coming in … and they’re still coming. Police are investigating and the woman has filed for a restraining order. After seeing her story on the local news, one Good Samaritan took down all of the flyers he saw and trashed them. At least chivalry isn’t completely dead.

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