(Originally published on 05.13.2012)

Just when you thought people couldn’t possibly get anymore vile, a gun target maker in Virginia is selling targets designed to resemble a black hoodie with Skittles and a can of iced tea in the pocket, just like what Trayvon Martin was wearing and carrying the night he was killed in his gated community in February.

After several news organizations began reporting on the "Trayvon targets," the public began a petition at, asking the Virginia Attorney General to force Hills Armament Company, the target maker, to cease making the targets and possibly face a fine under the Virginia law that states it is illegal for anyone to use a deceased person’s portrait.

Regardless if it’s legal or not, it is sick. Shame on the Hills Armament Company for trying to profit off of an innocent child’s murder, and for promoting and encouraging a vigilante, racist mentality among its customers.

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