Bond Hearing Held For Trayvon Martin Shooter George Zimmerman

(Originally published on 06.21.2012)

George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, has released videotaped interviews of Zimmerman at the scene where he shot Trayvon Martin, recounting his side of the events to investigators.

In the tapes, Zimmerman returned to the gated community with investigators one day after the shooting. He says after calling 911 to report the "suspicious" teen, he lost track of Martin and started to walk back to his car. That’s when he claims Trayvon approached him and asked, "You got a problem?" According to Zimmerman, he responded, "No" but Martin said, "You do now," and punched Zimmerman.

As we’ve known all along, a struggle ensued which ended in Zimmerman shooting the teen at point blank range. In the tapes, Zimmerman claims Trayvon had him on the ground, bashing his head into the concrete. He also states Trayvon noticed his weapon and went to grab it, so he pinched the teen’s arm and then shot him.  Zimmerman stated Trayvon sat back and said, "You got me" before he died.

The Martin’s family attorney, Benjamin Crump, points out inconsistencies with Zimmerman’s initial written statement and the latest audio and video interviews. Specifically, investigators pointed out Zimmerman’s injuries were minor, not consistent with someone who had their head repeatedly beaten against the sidewalk. Investigators also wondered why Zimmerman didn’t identify himself as neighborhood watch to the boy, and why he told police he didn’t know the street names of the community he lived in, and volunteered to "protect," for over three years.

O’Mara has fought to keep the recordings sealed, but the judge ordered them to be released as they are considered public information. In a case full of inconsistencies, this latest information continues to cast doubts on Zimmerman’s character and intentions on that fateful February evening.

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