The Main Act – Le’Dor Phoenix

Signature Dishes 
Curry Pineapple Shrimp 
Jerk Snapper 
Rosemary & Lemon Chicken 

Vonche’ Milteer- Husband 
Doreen Phoenix- Mother 
Easton Powell- Grandpa 
Le’Var Pheonix- Brother 

Le’Dor, a sassy mother of one with a big personality, was inspired to cook by the strong Jamaican women in her family. A 24/7 Diva, she does not let her hair down even in the kitchen. She loves to cook and gets lost in the process of preparing her food and often can be seen dancing around the kitchen. She is the star of her own show and her family members are her adoring fans. Le’Dor can’t wait to share with America her delicious food from the West Indies!!