The internet is losing their minds over an Instagram post that Ludacris posted with his wife, Eudoxie Bridges while on vacation.

Baecation action ? #ludacris X #eudoxiee

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Someone’s been eating their yams!

Per usual, the internet came with an abundance of opinions. Some leaving encouraging thoughts on the post, while others….not so much:

  • “This is so disrespectful to your wife, to yourself, your children and families. Do it in private and then don’t share it on social media. And for her- it just screams I am doing anything in public to keep him from cheating on me again. That baby mama is gonna take this right to the judge to get her child back full time. Just classless.”


  • “This is the lowest form of degradation. It’s shows a lack of respect for his wife and women in general. Then to show it on social media is offensive. Keep these private moments to yourself.”


  • “He is paying more attention to his phone.” ???


We have to ask: Is this all that bad? After all, the two are adults who are MARRIED and on vacation. Is the married twerk deemed unacceptable?

Here’s an opinion from another married woman:

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