Um, how come Idris Elba has a movie out and we are JUST finding out about it?

Oh, we get it. “100 Streets” is a British film that has already dropped in the UK, but still — we need all things Idris all the time, even if it’s about him being a cheating Rugby star. Let’s watch the trailer.

Several Thoughts:

1. Uh, that really JUMPED up a notch at the end right? We were all cool with the intense personal drama about a philandering athlete but then all of a sudden Idris has a gun and there’s police. Po’ baby, it’s gonna be alright.

2. No shade but there aren’t any British sistas who could play Idris’ wife? Here’s a quick list in case someone forgot: Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Carmen Ejogo, Naomie Harris.

3. Kudos to casting some appropriately bi-racial looking kids. Take notes Hollywood: Do better.

4. If rugby ever comes to the States, Black folks will have taken it over just under two years.

5. We should have known something was going to go wrong when Idris said “I can’t be a legend because I’m not dead yet.” That’s like a black character in a horror movie saying “I’ll be right back.” Boy bye.

6. It’s taken us this long, but we’re finally used to Idris’ native accent. In fact, we might prefer it.

7. We see you Gemma Arterton. We may not know who you are, but we see you.

TELL US: What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see the movie?