Three Reasons Why Vacation Sex is Worth the Trip



It’s vacation time and yours truly is anxiously looking forward to a little mini-vaca.

It’s not the time off, the cute outfits or the new bikini I’m looking forward to the most.  To be honest, I just can’t wait for vacation sex with ‘Mr. Ten.”

If you’re savvy enough to be reading this then you already know that there are different kinds of sex for different occasions.  Like ice-cream, there isn’t just one flavor.  From birthday sex to honeymoon or even make-up sex, the act is the same but the vibe is oh-so different.  

If you’re lucky enough be getting “some” then hopefully VACATION sex is on your agenda this summer.    It is one of the best reasons to plan a get-away with your significant other.

If your wondering what makes vacation sex so exciting and different from the sex you’re getting at home, let me explain the 3 thrills of vacation whoopee.

Thrill #1 – Location! Location! Location!

No matter how extravagant (or not) your vacation destination is, the end result is you’re more than likely in a different setting and different equals exciting.  It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a 4 star suite in Hawaii or a modest motel at Virginia Beach.  A different location means you can switch up from your routine and live a little!  Not having to worry about washing dishes, changing the sheets or even cleaning up, your inhibitions are on full speed ahead with nothing but relaxation and pleasure on your mind. Don’t limit your vacation whoopee location to just your sleeping quarters. The drink “Sex On The Beach” wasn’t named for nothing!  Use your imagination and explore all your options. 

Thrill #2 – Cleared Calendar

Since you are on vacation, you don’t have to worry about waking up to an alarm, checking your child’s homework or preparing for that work related meeting.  Take this opportunity to let your mind be filled up with things that pleasure you in the bedroom.  Unlike real life, when on vacation, you actually have the TIME and PLACE to get your freak on.  

Thrill #3 – Dress To Impress 

When on vacation, females tend to fill their suitcase with great outfits that aren’t in their everyday line-up.  This is your chance to shine!  No boring work uniforms or corporate attire.  Wear what you want and show off your best assets in a new bathing suit, sundress or club attire sure to grab your honey’s attention.  This new look will make you feel sexy and add to your overall vacation experience.  

Don’t be ashamed for thinking about vacation sex more than the actual vacation!  LOL! It’s OK to look forward to “it,” and yes, please pack for “it, “plan on “it” and expect “it.”  

Just remember to bring a little bit of that vacation sex magic back with you.  You need that more than another t-shirt or keychain!

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