cybermenIf I hear one more social media related dating story gone terribly wrong I am going to write a book…really!#!!!  It’s really NOT that hard to get it right or is it? Because social media is INSTANT, I think a lot of my gal pals get caught up and hit the send button before thinking.  Don’t be that chick!

Since writing a book doesn’t happen overnight, I’m just going to share my top 5 social media etiquette rules for dating, but don’t be surprised if you hear me talking about this foolishness again.

Remember ladies:  It doesn’t matter where you meet your mate. These rules are not limited to .com daters who only meet on dating sites and chat rooms.  No matter whom you are or how you met, in 2012 there will be some type of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) interaction so read up so you get it right.

Top 5 Social Media Etiquette Rules for Dating

Represent For Real

This one is for my .com daters (don’t turn your nose up unless you’ve tried it.  I DO know people who have found love on the internet).  If you have a profile, represent yourself as you are in PRESENT DAY.  Photos from ten years ago don’t count!  Don’t set yourself up with an out-of –date photo.  If there are sparks and the two of you meet someone will be disappointed.

Think Before You SEND

Before you blast last night’s sexual escapade or fight with your honey for your whole crew to see (and discuss) don’t do it.  If you MUST, think about it first.  Cool down and re-evaluate.  Do you really need to change your profile status to SINGLE every time you and your man have a disagreement? No!

Go Nude?

“Mr. Ten” and I do enjoy sending photos from time to time BUT I would only recommend if you are GROWN and RESPONSIBLE.  You do not want your photos to end up on someone’s site or your kids seeing them.  If you want to do GROWN things then you have to act GROWN and be responsible.

Thirsty Need Not Apply

Sending messages every ten minutes is NOT acceptable.  Instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else makes this past time almost too easy.  Anything THIS easy is a don’t.  No one wants a THIRSTY woman.  Keep him lingering with messages but no need to bombard the brother all day long.

No Poking Allowed

If I don’t want you “poking” me in real life then I sure don’t want you poking me in cyberspace.  Poking? I don’t get it.  It sounds dirty and NOT in a good way.  Why are you poking people?  Hmmm…. In my book, poking appears to look THIRSTY.

TELL US:  Didn’t see your tried and true social media dating rule? Share!

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