Bishop Long Says No To The ‘Slave Menu’

by tvoneinterns

August 19, 2016

Apparently, if you enjoy eating fast food, you’re eating from what Bishop Eddie Long has referred to as the “slave menu.”

After all the turmoil Long had received in regards to his sexual allegations in 2010, he’s back— and with a brand-new body!


Long posted a Facebook video of his new and improved body along with a short message in which he addressed some rumors.

Some are saying that he looks quite sick. In the video, it’s obvious that he’s lost an incredible amount of weight in his face and the rest of his body.


Despite the countless amount of concern he’s received, he reassured everyone that to do God’s will, one must be “at their ultimate best,” which includes being healthy.

“Many of us are still eating from a ‘slave menu’. You need to check that out,” Bishop states.

“I said to my congregation I’m gonna live to be 100 years old…But I wasn’t going to get there [to age 100] by stopping by Popeye’s. That was my weakness,” Long says. “The biscuits with honey and the chicken wings, spicy.”

It’s ok Bishop, that’s our weakness too.

“I have gone total raw vegetable. And so, I’m somewhat of a vegan…and it’s really, really given me a lot of energy.”

The video ends with Long’s appreciation for everyone’s well wishes and constant prayers.

We applaud Bishop Eddie Long. Taking the steps to lose such weight takes a strong and determined mindset.

TELL US: How do you feel about Bishop Long’s weight loss? What are your thoughts on a  ‘slave menu’ diet?

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