3 Things We’re All Thinking About R. Kelly

by ioneanalytics

August 9, 2016

?”Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, throwing down ain’t nothin’ but a thaaannng”?

Seems like R. Kelly is still singing these lyrics (that he, of course, wrote) to this classic Aaliyah tune.

Yep! Rumor has it that R. Kelly has a new tenderoni, and no, she’s not 21 yet. According to Fox News, R. Kelly is dating 19 year-old, Halle Calhoun. It is being reported that the two have been spending a lot of time partying in Atlanta, while Halle has a few bae-like photos of them together on IG over the last 6 months.

The realist! #Rkellz

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Cheese ? getting to know Robert was probably the realist thing ever! #crazy

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Granted this is coming from Fox News (so we’re taking it with a grain of salt ?) however, if this is actually true, here are 3 things we’ll all be thinking about R. Kelly:

1. You Haven’t Learned: Or maybe you just don’t care? Like, after ALL the scandals you still thought this was a good idea? Granted the young lady is legal, but talk about barely…there aren’t any 30+ year olds you can share common interests with?

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2. We’re keeping our little sisters and daughters FAR away from you: This doesn’t even need a witty caption. Ain’t no telling what smooth R&B tricks you have up your sleeves.

giphy (39)


3. There’s Only But So Many Passes: My guy, you wrote Step In The Name Of Love which forever changed cruise line dance floors and Black wedding receptions. You’re obviously a R&B G.O.A.T., so we’re allotting you this one last chance. We can only give but so many.

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