We like to say that it doesn’t happen too often, but when we get into a tiff with a good friend, our boo or, god forbid, our mothers (gasp!), we sometimes like to go to a neutral third-party to get some fresh perspective. Now, just like you, we can be guilty of going to folks who we KNOW are going to tell us what we WANT to hear — “girl, you’re right!” or “I can’t believe he said that to you, what’s wrong with him?!?” — instead of going to people who might just tell us the T-R-U-T-H! But sometimes, lord help US, it just ain’t somebody else’s business! Everybody doesn’t have to play Judge Judy to our personal life but sometimes someone invites the judge anyway. Take Rickey Smiley this week, who brought in Kandi Burress and Cynthia Bailey from “Housewives of Atlanta” to act as judges for D’Essence’s backpack business.

TELL US: Was Rickey right to bring in these heavy-hitters or should he kept this between him and his daughter?