You and your friends have been down like flat tires since the Clinton administration. Tight. There’s no daylight between you and them.

And then . . . someone drops a case full of cash on you and an offer that may not only take you away from your friends but will probably piss them way off.

Do you take the cash and a chance at greatness or tell Mr. Money Bags to kick rocks?

Now, imagine your RL from 90’s R&B group Next and Mr. Money Bags is none other than Clive Davis offering you a solo career and more dough than Dunkin Donuts. Well, here’s how he handled it:


What do you think? Did RL make the right decision by looking out for his own career over the career’s of his bandmates? Or do you think T-Low and Tweet were just feeling a little petty? See how it all shakes out tonight at 8/7c.

TELL US: If you were RL, would you take Davis’ offer or stay with your boys?