I’m black y’all, and I’m black y’all. And I’m blackey black and I’m black y’all! It’s Black Music Month and thus the appropriate time to celebrate music that makes us want to dance like Mary J. Blige aka “Drunk Aunty at the Summer Cookout”.

A few weeks ago the Queen of R&B showed us her signature moves during the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour and it got us to thinking about what other oldies but goodies would make us jump up and dance like no one is watching.

Ownlee Eue – Kwamé

Nooo this isn’t a plug for next week’s Unsung episode on Kwame (hint, hint) but rather our appreciation of the musical contributions of the “Boy Genius”.


Your Sweetness – The Good Girls

Even though about 30 seconds in, The Good Girls are wearing some bad girl outfits, this song is definitely running-man worthy.


Da Butt – EU

We ALL do this dance when the beat drops…minus the spandex shorts of course.


Doowutchyalike – Digital Underground

I see guys and girls dancing like drunk aunty Mary!! But make sure it’s the extended version.


Diamonds – Janet Jackson & Herb Alpert

Before Beyoncé rallied the single ladies, Janet threw down the gauntlet, with Herb Alpert backing her up.


The Glamorous Life – Sheila E.

If have to ask you can’t afford it! Nothing more glamourous than a diva who plays drums.


Baby Doll – Tony! Toni! Tone!

Yes, we all know “Feels Good” is the anthem but this hit will definitely make Mary do a two-step.