Look, we’ve all been there. Your friend decides that your lonely Friday night’s are HIS problem so he decides to set you up on a blind date — maybe to keep you off his couch and out of his refrigerator, who knows? And fine, you COULD use a night out with a good-looking stranger who wants to buy you drinks and maybe mess up your sheets — so you go. What could go wrong? Well, as we see with Gary and the dude Rock-T hooked him up with, basically everything goes to sh** and fast.

Now, we love Gary but we think he started everything off just wrong. Maybe his date was too feminine for his tastes (he DID tell Rock T that HE was the only Queen in his relationships), but Gary went from zero to Petty Labelle in six seconds. So naturally, the rest of the date was a disaster as the two traded insults like Serena and Venus on the court. And then, after it all, the blind date even PAYS for Gary’s meal and he was still salty. Of course, we know Gary will give HIS side of the story when he drops his “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” episode Wednesday, but for now, we’re calling foul.

TELL US: Who was more wrong, Rock-T for ignoring Gary’s tastes in men or Gary for not giving his blind date a chance?