According to the beautiful ones, power vocalist Christina Aguilera, recently performed the Whitney classic “I Have Nothing” with–you guessed it–a Whitney Houston hologram:


Unfortunately, the performance which was set to air on The Voice, was cancelled when Whitney’s estate wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome of the hologram once footage leaked (if you ask us, the hologram doesn’t REALLY look like Whitney…just saying).

Either way, we noticed that holograms have been a major deal lately. So far we’ve seen, Tupac, Michael Jackson, and now Whitney…who’s next? Prince?

Prince annoyed

We heard a rumor that Madonna is scheduled to do a Prince tribute for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. What if Madge walks on stage to perform “Diamonds and Pearls” with the Purple One as a hologram? Would y’all be here for it? Let us know below or mention us  @tvonetv!