Jamal Lyon – The Bishop

by ioneanalytics

May 12, 2016

It seems like Jamal Lyon always gets caught in the crossfire! Did you catch last night’s episode of Empire?

After we clutched our pearls we determined: If Empire was a game of chess, Jamal Lyon would definitely be The Bishop. Here’s how we came to this conclusion:


Like the Bishop in chess who moves diagonally across the board and stands between the King’s knight and the Queen’s knight, Jamal is not only the middle child but is the liaison between Empire and Lyon Dynasty. He is focused on making a big name for his self as a musician and could care less about running a company. He’s had of taste of running Empire, but only to hold Lucious down while he was in prison. He has a strong music chemistry with Cookie and is constantly looking for ways to unite the two kingdoms.



Jamal’s top 3 power moves include:

1. Jamal wants to be marketed differently, and not as a gay artist. (Episode 206)

Jamal wants to be BIG, which means being seen as more than just a gay artist.

2. Jamal sneaks away with Cookie to record a song. (Episode 207)

There is no denying the musical chemistry he has with Cookie so he records with her secretly for a while.

3. Jamal unites his parents by combining both of their songs, winning a Pepsi campaign. (Episode 208)

Jamal scores big when he uses both parents ideas to win a major endorsement deal.



Jamal Lyon lives in his truth and has no problem telling it like it is:

“You call it protecting, I call it backstabbing. At least when he threw me in the trash he did it to my face” (Episode 201)

Jamal confronts Cookie after she, Andre, and Hakeem plan a hostile takeover while Lucious is in prison.

“I’m gonna sue the draws off your black ass” (Episode 202)

Hakeem admits to Jamal that he leaked his own album and Jamal lets him have it.

“I’m not a gay artist, I’m an artist that happens to be gay” (Episode 206)

Jamal wants his music to speak for him, not his sexual orientation.



We doubt that Jamal is  even interested in running Empire, in fact, he’s been there, done that. He’s more interested in having a successful music career and a successful romantic relationship. Gaining these two things plus a happy family life (as happy as this camp can possibly get) will make Jamal Lyon a winner in his own right.

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