Actress, model, businesswoman — we know all of this when it comes to LisaRaye but the one dimension that we often forget is “mom.” After recently watching her reality show, we realized that her story is like so many of ours — a single mom just trying to make it happen. So we’re looking at past episodes to celebrate LisaRaye’s “momitude” (we made that up) and the mom-ents (that one, too) that made a difference.

Season 1, Episode 6

Mom-ometer Reading: 7 out of 10

LisaRaye dialed it back a bit in this episode and tried to let Kai be on her own, which was hard since Kai was on-camera in a music video with J. Sean, Lil Jon and Sean Paul and she was DYING to offer advice.

Mom Goal: How to Be Cool

Granted, we’ve never been a video girl for Lil Jon or had a mom with extensive video girl experience. But we DO remember being nervous about going to a big dance at school. What we love is how LisaRaye tries to offer pro-tips about how to look cool dancing while not OVER doing it: Smile, look like your having fun and “knock the other girl out the scene.” Sounds about right to us.

Mom-ent: That Look

This is a bit more about Kai than it is LisaRaye, but we had to mention it. You know when you can tell your mom is getting riled up about something? Not in a bad way, just in a “mom” way? Somehow, LisaRaye goes from overstuffing her oatmeal breakfast with berries and nuts to a sudden desire to go sky diving and the whole time Kai’s got her “daughter side-eye” on full blast.