No one has ever accused Karrine Steffans of being discrete.

We know this.

But DAMN — somehow we were NOT prepared for what went down — and continues to go down — between Steffans and her estranged husband, actor Columbus Short.

The mess began Tuesday (just days after posting this cuddly-pic) when Steffans went to Instagram to share video of Columbus looking sadder than most, with presumably his clothes scattered around the room. The caption read (in part, only because we’re classy) “Somebody come get @officialcshort cheating ass and all his sh*#.” She even called some women by name (social handles at least), saying they had both slept with her husband.

Well, yesterday Steffans was back on the ‘gram with more dirt but this time she seemed a bit . . . apologetic?

“Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue that affects families and marriages worldwide. It breeds violence and lies, resentment and hate. It hurts. I love my husband and as always, I will and do forgive him for all his poor decisions,” she writes. “My husband’s issues have been public knowledge for years, and yes, I chose [to] love him anyway. It is my sincerest hope that @officialcshort gets the professional help he needs and I will be there to support him when or if he does.”

Naturally, Short was already on Sirius XM letting their laundry flap in the breeze to which Steffans replied: “No radio interview he gives can negate the facts. There are photos, audio and police records that point to the truth, all of which I keep closely guarded.”

The worst part? THERE IS MORE! Read the rest of the craziness at Global Grind.

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