Throughout the season of Born Again Virgin, there has been an obvious romantic connection between Donovan and Jenna.


However, Jenna’s declaration to become a born-again virgin forces the two to cool it down and focus on a friendship—which of course, only brings them closer.


Throughout their journey as friends we see them attempt to set each other up on dates and become jealous of each other’s love interests, all while continuously supporting each other. Despite her growing affections for Donovan, Jenna always seems to look the other way, which makes us wonder: Could Prince Charming be right under your nose? 


You know, the guy at the coffee shop who always ups your size to a large, when you know damn well you ordered the medium Chai Latte. Or perhaps, it’s your male best friend who listens to all your woes about life, gives great advice, and manages to make you feel better about the entire situation. Have you ever stopped to think that he may want to be more than just a friend?

And trust us, we get it. There are several guys vying for your attention (you can’t even walk down the street without someone whistling at you) but is it possible that your curve game may be too strong? The truth is you’re probably missing (or dismissing) all the signs from your true love while you have your head in the clouds, searching for Mr. Perfect. So the next time Charlie ups your latte to the next size, give him a wink and a smile.

So what will it be? Should you give the guy a chance who obviously has the hots for you or continue on your search for the man of your dreams? Let us know at @tvonetv! And tune in to the Born Again season finale tonight at 8:30/7:30c to see if Donovan finally gets the girl!