The internet was not having it when news surfaced that Afro-Latina actress, Zoe Saldana, was cast to play Nina Simone, the high priestess of soul.

To add fuel to the fire, we caught a glimpse of Zoe in the movie’s trailer with darkened skin and a prosthetic nose, and witnessed the most epic clapback ever via twitter from Nina Simone’s estate:

So what do you think? You know we love a good biopic and a behind-the-scenes special (Our first Unsung biopic, Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story premieres June 12, 7/6c).

Should we give the actress who marched her way into HBCU hearts everywhere (shameless Drumline reference) a chance? Or should producers go back to the drawing board and choose a new leading lady?

Per usual, Hello Beautiful takes a deeper dive so you can have a more informed opinion.