Momma Dee

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This episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta was slow, but there were definitely some moments. Enter Momma Dee’s family dinner. Seriously, Momma Dee made good on her promise to have Scrappy, Ernest and her daughter, Jasmine, over for dinner. Ernest’s mom, Bambi, and Jasmine’s man were also present.

The Last Supper

Momma Dee opened the dinner with prayer, which obviously meant that the night was doomed, right? Not exactly! Ernest’s mom got emotional when explaining that it took her a long time to forgive Momma Dee for setting her son up to go to jail. Momma Dee got teary-eyed and apologized, but Jasmine wasn’t about that peace life. Jasmine called Ernest out for wanting to be with her mom even after she sent him to jail, and thinks that Ernest is an opportunist. Jasmine made a valid point but Momma Dee wasn’t trying to hear it. You got the sense that Momma Dee won’t hesitate to go upside her grown kids’ heads. It didn’t happen then, but it might because apparently, nobody better mess with Momma Dee’s man. Aside from that, the prayer at the beginning of dinner must have worked because no paws were placed on anyone.

Quote of the night: “They can suck my toes, like my baby Ernest does.” – Momma Dee on whoever doesn’t like the fact that she and Ernest are back together, including her children.

Getting That Old Thang Back

Nikko and Margeaux kicked it at his apartment, still trying to convince us that they’re not going hard for this #LHHATL fame. According to Nikko, he wants to rekindle his relationship with Margeaux, so he invited her to an upcoming event hosted by Premadonna. You already know the entire #LHHATL crew will be there, which means that Mimi and Margeaux will finally meet.

Kirk Keeps Trying It

It’s quite clear that Kirk is running in the He Tried it Olympics. He’s still gallivanting around town with his “artist,” Ashley Nicole. She sang in the episode, and, I’m not saying she’s tone deaf, but she is too cocky for someone with her low level of vocal ability. This entire set up between Kirk and Ashley Nicole is just ridiculous and it’s quite obvious that Kirk likes drama, and that Rasheeda is never going to leave him.

Kirk had Ashley Nicole come to his and Rasheeda’s house, and the drama started as soon as the car pulled up. Kirk told Rasheeda that he and Ashley were going to a show in Alabama. Meanwhile, Ashley was busy trying to antagonize Rasheeda by calling her old, and all the other cliché things that basic chicks typically think of. Rasheeda didn’t snatch the bish, nor did she regulate on Kirk, but it needs to happen as soon as possible. I mean, if ‘Sheeda won’t ever file for divorce then something’s gotta give.

The one hilarious thing that came out of this is that Rasheeda decided to auction off Kirk’s expensive clothes and accessories to get back the money he lost, and you know Shirlene (Rasheeda’s mother) was down for the cause. This is something that’s going to be picked up again next episode, but it’s obviously not going to go well…for Kirk.

Stevie’s Child Support Woes

Stevie J is out of rehab and claiming that he wants to lead a more positive life, but first he has to take care of his child support drama in New York City. He went to court for a resolution, with Joseline by his side.

The Other Main Event

Premadonna had an event to introduce Atlanta to her business, Waist Gang Society—and of course, everyone who shouldn’t be in a room together ended up in at the event. Mimi came through to support Jessica Dime, who was walking in the show. But things got suspect real quick once Nikko and Margeaux rolled through…and sat across from Mimi. Mimi purposely kept her distance, but Nikko thought it would be cute for he and his wife to “be the bigger people” by speaking to Mimi. We all know that the bigger person would have actually done what Mimi did and kept distance, but thirsty Nikko was such a fiend for the spotlight that he had to create more drama for camera time. The episode cut off before things got hectic, but next week will get explosive.