What happens when a young, pregnant woman mourning the abrupt death of her husband is informed that her baby was stillborn? She suspects a switched-at-birth cover-up and holds the doctors she trusted to take care of her accountable!

TV One’s newest original thriller A Mother’s Intuition, premiered last night and the suspense was REAL!

The film examined tough issues such as maternal mortality rates, racial disparities in healthcare, and mental health, which all have severely heavy effects on Black women.

We were introduced to Toni (Denise Boutte), a sculptor, who is grieving the loss of her husband Alphonso (Karon Joseph Riley), but also carrying their child.

A woman who’s suffered for paranoia, nightmares and a lowered mood, Toni is urged by her doctors to limi stress during her pregnancy. She says she finds peace in sculpting, so she continues working in her studio on a bust of Alphonso.

While journeying pregnancy, Toni runs into an old friend Julian (Matt Cedeño), who becomes a big part of her support system and as they start to spend a lot more time together.

She also leans on sister-friends Cicely (Brely Evans) and Simone (Hazel Renee), who remind her how important it is to feel seen by her doctors. Simone also raises red flags about the hospital where Toni is scheduled to give birth and its history of mistreating Black patients and expecting mothers.

When Toni has a scary mishap that leaves her terrified and confused, it sends her into early labor. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Fior and connects with her briefly when she’s placed on her chest. Out of it from labor, Toni ends up falling asleep, moments after a mysterious nurse takes the newborn.

When she opened her eyes, her arms were empty, and her doctor tells her a fibroid caused a stillborn pregnancy. A hysterical Toni is adamant that her daughter was alive, and described the nurse who handed Fior to her.

The doctor says that nurse didn’t work, and from that moment, Toni became committed to finding out what happened to her babygirl.

The story take a wild turn when she accuses the hospital of swapping her baby. Toni realizes she delivered more than she could have imagined. No one believes her, but nothing can stop her!

Not only is the film filled with twists and suspense, the real-life issues layered through the plot serve as significant reminders for viewers, especially Black women.

Did you watch the premiere of A Mothers Intuition? What did you think of the film? Let us know below.  

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