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Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, Eric Benét reveals the ups and downs of his career without restraint. Before beginning his solo career with his debut album True to Myself, he had a record deal with his sister.

We are excited to see Eric keep it real on Uncensored, As we gear up for his episode on Sunday, April 23, we gathered our favorite songs by the talented artist!

1. “Spend My Life with You” ft. Tamia

If you’re like us, then you appreciate and know how beautiful this song truly is!

“Spend My Life with You” is the second track to be released on Benét’s sophomore album entitled, A Day in the Life.

With both Eric and Tamia’s angelic voices, the theme of one spending the rest of their life with their significant other helped the success of the song.

We just love when love wins!

2. “Georgy Porgy” ft. Faith Evans

Who doesn’t love a classic cover, especially when they do the original song justice.

Following the success of his debut album True to Myself, Eric teamed up with Faith Evans to deliver the soulful version of the original song.

Now the real question is how many of us have met at least one Georgy Porgy before?

3. “Sometimes I Cry”

Now “Sometimes I Cry” pulls at our heartstrings!

After losing his girl, Eric is now worried about her. And he has it bad!

The fact that he lost the love of his life, he is now damaging his relationship with his new boo.

Even though she has been gone for some time, he truly wants her back and can’t help but cry when he thinks about it.

If you’ve ever lost the love of your life, then you’d appreciate “Sometimes I Cry.”

4. “Sunshine”

Following his sixth studio album entitled The One, Benét held nothing back when he dropped “Sunshine.”

After experiencing some romantic sparks dwindle from his relationship, Benet calls out to his partner to get that old thing back!

And of course, every relationship experiences this. But the lyrics and his smooth soulful voice take this feeling to new heights.

5. “The Last Time”

Eric Benét really knows how to hit us where it hurts!

“The Last Time” is the perfect way to describe what it’s like to fall in love after a long period.

Whether you’ve been scared to love, or got your heart trampled some time ago, Eric paints the perfect picture of what happens when you take a chance and fall in love again.

Although the heartbreak was extremely painful, and we remember that dark hurricane of emotions, we will forever STAN Eric Benet’s “The Last Time.”

We’re excited to see Eric Benét on the all-new season of Uncensored! To see this legend share his truth, tune in to his episode this Sunday, April 23rd at 10P/9C only on TV One.

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