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We can’t wait! 

If you’ve been a fan of TV One, then you know for a fact we love showing a great amount of love to those that are featured on our show Uncensored! 

Kicking off the brand-new season, premiering Sunday, April 2, is none other than powerhouse singer Tevin Campbell.  

When Campbell signed his record deal, he was just 12-years-old! Over time, some of his biggest collaborations were with industry heavy hitters such as Quincy Jones and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. He speaks freely about growing up as a kid star in the spotlight. 

As we gear up for the season premiere of Uncensored, here are some of our top favorite songs by Tevin Campbell. 

1. “Can We Talk”

What happens when Babyface and Tevin Campbell collab? Absolute magic! 

“Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell is one of his biggest hits. Striking a resemblance to Jodeci’s hit single “Come and Talk to Me,” Campbell expresses wanting to speak to a girl that he’s intrigued by and would like to get to know. 

Now it’s a staple song to listen to whether you have a crush on someone, or if you hear it playing on the radio. You have no choice but to sing!

2. “Tell Me What You Want To Do”

If you’ve been a fan of Campbell, then you know we couldn’t leave “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” off of this list! 

Showing off his vocal range and skills, Tevin blew listeners away when he released this song. During the song’s bridge, Campbell easily and effortlessly displays his four-octave vocal range from a low note of E2 to a D6. 

Although this song was released 28 years ago, this song is still timeless. 

3. “I’m Ready”

Following the success of his first album, Tevin Campbell released his song “I’m Ready” as the second single for his sophomore album, entitled I’m Ready. 

After seeing the magic that they created for “Can We Talk,” Campbell once again collaborated with Babyface. 

“I’m Ready” was so popular that it was nominated for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance during the 37th Grammy Awards! 

4. “Always in My Heart”

1994 was the year of Tevin Campbell! 

After seeing the worldwide success of hits “Can We Talk,” and “I’m Ready” he released his third lead single for his sophomore album, “Always in My Heart.” 

Honestly how can you not love this song?! It has beautiful lyrics, it’s a classic, and it’s Tevin Campbell’s song. It’s a win, win situation for all of us! 

5. “Back to the World”

After first stepping on the scene as a teenager, Tevin Campbell showed fans that he was all grown up when he released “Back to the World!” 

“Back to the World” easily displays Campbell’s versatility as an artist as we heard it for the first time. Shedding his younger “boy next door” image, Tevin proved that his artistry isn’t to be taken lightly. 

And honestly, we need to hear him perform this song just for us! 

We’re excited to see Tevin Campbell on the all-new season of Uncensored! To see this legend share his story in his words, tune in to an all-new episode this Sunday, April 2nd at 10P/9C only on TV One.

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