During Women’s History Month, the world highlights the contributions of women throughout history!

This year, TV One’s theme is celebrating the powerful women we come into contact with every day. Whether a family member or friend, we’re here to give our every day heroes their flowers.

Many of those women paving the way, uplifting, and empowering Black women, are actually behind our network.

Join us throughout the month of March, as we pull back the curtain to highlight our own! In Q&A style, learn more about some of the women who make things happen every day at TV One with their hard work and dedication.


Manager, Public Relations

What led you to TV One?

I was led to TV One purely by fate. During the pandemic, I connected with the company as a contractor and my journey started there. During such a daunting time, it was a beautiful blessing to connect with the brand at that time.

Why is it important for women to have a seat at the table, especially in the entertainment industry?

What is important about our industry is that, contrary to popular belief, there is humanity within it— that voice is led by women. Giving women space, and a seat at the table, is necessary to the success and perpetuity of entertainment. Without us, there are no muses, no inspiration. It is the responsibility of the industry to bring us to the table; however, it’s on us to ensure we remain seated.

Women face many challenges such as flexible hours, remote working, motherhood, and finding a work-life balance. How do you empower yourself and the women around you through it all?

Like many, I am not just a PR professional. I am a mother, a wife, an active member of my environment, and more. Therefore, it is my mission to be the foil of what is expected within the industry. For example, it is somewhat of an anomaly to see family- oriented women in this space, and at this level, due to nature of the industry, PR especially. I consistently work to empower those around me to embrace their journey, in whatever form it takes. There is an unspoken confidence that radiates from those of us who own their narrative.

If you could only pick one, who is the most influential woman you know? How does she inspire you?

I am currently drooling over Rihanna, but 2023 Rihanna. She had the career and life of dreams but, once she became a mother, she decided to be the best she could be. For her, that looked like stepping away from what gave her the fame and stature that she has today. That is what true power and confidence looks like!

Share a piece of advice for young women starting out on their career journey.

  • Don’t let the realities dull your shine— take things with a grain of salt and keep going!
  • You don’t have to conform to the norms— stand out by “standing out!”
  • Don’t let great be the enemy of the good. It’ll never be perfect, but it’ll also never happen if you don’t do it.

What legacy do you hope to leave?

I hope to be known for my character. I make you feel that I’ve known you all my life, because nothing is more powerful than the human connection. Once you think of how many could use their platform/power to make a direct effect on their immediate ecosystem, it really brings things into focus. This life is transient, but never too short to make a difference.

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