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The holiday season isn’t always about cheerful feelings, love, and joy.

Sometimes the holiday season can take you to school, and make you learn important life lessons during trying times.

TV One’s  A Christmas Prayer is all about learning to have faith when it seems like the world is crumbling right underneath your feet.

Pastor Andre Dillard (played by Chad L. Coleman) leads a small, local church in Savannah, Georgia, and is also an alcoholic in recovery.

Just before Christmas, after attempting to assist a friend in need, he is falsely accused of committing a heinous crime and his tarnished history returns to haunt him. To make matters worse, he learns that his church’s property is being purchased by an old acquaintance who wants to convert it into a shopping center.

As he attempts to convince the community he serves of his innocence and save his cherished church, he wrestles with the possibility of not only serving hard times but also maintaining his personal faith in God.

The premiere of A Christmas Prayer is right around the corner on Sunday, Dec. 11th, so we’re taking a look at some ways to help preserve your faith during the holiday season.

Start Your Day by Reading Scriptures

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Even during the hectic holiday season, which is filled with to-do lists, holiday gatherings, and opportunities for worship and service, life goes on.

Engaging in reading religious and or spiritual texts may seem easy for some, while really challenging for others, especially if you’re constantly on the move.

When you find that your time is limited during the holidays, try to find innovative ways to read your scriptures whenever you’re having trouble doing so.

On your phone or in the vehicle, listen to the audio version of your text of choice. Or spend five minutes reading before you get out of bed in the morning (or even pick up your phone!).

Make Time to Volunteer

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The holidays can all too frequently make us think on ourselves—what we want, what we wish we had, and how much work we still must accomplish.

Can you think of anyone in your community who needs some love and care, during this time?

While it might be good to take part in official service activities, there are times when loving the people who are in front of us with our time, energy, and attention offers the most significant opportunities to serve.

Pause and Pray

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It’s normal to feel overburdened at this time of year, and talking things out orally is one of the simplest ways to decompress.

For this time of year, speaking with your creator aloud about what is making you stressed and anxious—and then asking for peace—can be essential.

Share Your Gratitude

Find occasions to express your gratitude, whether it’s over the dinner table or while watching a football game.

Inform your loved ones of your gratitude for having them and for all they do for you. Aside from being a visible demonstration of your faith, being grateful will also make you more cognizant of your benefits.

Showcase Your Faith Through Acts of Kindness

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Your actions are one of the best methods to communicate your beliefs.

Everyone can sense and see your inner faith when you are kind and loving to others. Find both large and small acts of service to the community to inspire your friends and family.

A terrific approach to express the emotions that come from genuine service is to suggest and then plan a trip with friends to the neighborhood food bank, shelter, park cleanup, etc.

What are some ways you keep faith during the holidays? Let us know below, and watch A Christmas Prayer Sunday, December 11th at 7P/6C!

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