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Grammy Award-winning singer Erica Campbell has been a force within the Gospel genre for years!

The world was introduced to Campbell in 1998, as the 50-year-old joined her younger sister Tina Campbell and founded gospel music duo Mary Mary.

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Erica has countless awards under her belt, such as multiple Stellar Music and Dove Awards as part of Mary Mary, four Grammy Awards, and three NAACP Image Awards. The duo has given us countless hits for praise and worship, such as “Shackles,” “Heaven,” and “God in Me.”

Not only did the Inglewood native have significant success as a part of Mary Mary, but she has also seen success as a solo artist.

Campbell began her solo music recording career with the release of her first studio album, Help, on March 25, 2014. This album was her first to land on the Billboard magazine charts, where it reached the numbers 6, 1, and 2 spots on The Billboard 200, Top Gospel Albums, and Independent Albums charts, respectively.

At the 57th Grammy Awards, Campbell took home the award for Best Gospel Album. Help 2.0, the follow-up studio album, was released on March 31, 2015.

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And in 2018, she and her husband, Warryn Campbell, starred in their reality show on TV One in early April 2018, entitled We’re the Campbells.

With her upcoming Uncensored episode around the corn on Easter Sunday, we celebrate Erica Campbell’s legacy! Here are our favorite Erica Campbell songs:

A Little More of Jesus

“I need just a little more, Jesus. To help me along my way” is one of the singles on the mother of three’s debut album, Help.

If you need a song to help you push through your worries, and you need to call on God to help you keep your stressful situations at bay, “A Little More of Jesus” is the song for you.

This song highlights how having faith in God and calling on him when you’re going through the storm can help you through any situation.

You can add this to your Gospel playlist when you need the inspiration to push through the difficult times.

The track is upbeat, the lyrics are relatable and Campbell’s vocals are astounding on this track!

I Luh God

“I Luh God” is one of her “secular” sounding songs as it falls into the “Trap Gospel” genre.

LaShawn Daniels, a Christian rapper, is also featured on the track.

Erica appears to take a different approach on this track, using her rap tone over top of the drum machine and bass.

Inspired by rapper O.T. Genisis’ hit single “CoCo,” Campbell wanted to create a song where Christians could have a good time while praising the Lord.

“I was listening to the radio. Some song called ‘I’m In Love With The CoCo’ came on, and I got upset ’cause I’m like, this is what kids are singing and saying over and over,” she explained. “Why can’t [Christians] change that? We got some crazy writers, incredible artists that love Jesus. Let’s infiltrate! Let’s get in there and change it.”

The song is not only catered to Christians but to the fans of the Christian rap community while allowing the legendary singer to show a different side to her artistic personality.


We see why “Help” is one of Campbell’s most popular songs in her catalog!

“Help” poses a thought-provoking challenge that makes one focus on the question, “what is prayer, and how do you use prayer?”

The lyrics, vocals, and tempo make us think of how we use prayer to build a better and closer relationship with God as we face some tough challenges in life.

Not to mention – “Help” also showcases how well Erica and Christian rapper/singer Lecrae work together.

All of My Life

“All of my Life” is the anthem of knowing your purpose in life!

If you know what your life purpose is, you’re confident in yourself and your relationship with God, THIS is the perfect song for you.

This song allows you to show the world that you don’t have to doubt your purpose in Christ and God.

“All of My Life” allows listeners to stand firm in their faith and be super confident in themselves as they navigate through the world. And that’s a message everyone can hear daily.

The Question

“Who killed Jesus? I thought you did. You thought I did,” is the first verse to capture fans on the album Help.

Years after the 2014 debut of Help, Erica Campbell still rekindles our attention with these stunning lines as she leads them into the release of her debut album as a solo artist with bated breath.

She encourages her audience to re-access their connections with Jesus in suspense with her clever use of questions and quotable, making it memorable.

Erica Campbell deserves to get every flower she receives as she continues to give us classic Gospel songs!

Did any of your favorite Erica Campbell songs end up in our top five? Let us know down below!

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