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True Crime Mondays are baaaack!

Some people are fascinated with true crime televisions shows, such as Tv One’s biggest hits such as Fatal Attraction and Sins of the City.

With TV One’s True Crime shows, we see our loyal fans become enthralled by weekly episodes that cover some of the nation’s famous cases ranging from love gone wrong, stalking, and murder.

People can also become fans of our true-crime series to solve the mystery.

They can get into the minds of the perpetrator. They can figure out what caused the murder, how the justice system worked to get justice in these cases, and most importantly, why.

As we kicked off the 12th season of Fatal Attraction and the 2nd season of Sins of the City, TV one has hosted a live-tweeting party every #TrueCrimeMonday, where we share our live commentary as we watch the episodes with fans.

For this week’s new episode of Fatal Attraction, fans got to explore the case of Robin Young, who was a recovering addict who was found in an abandoned car in Rock Island, Illinois.

As the episode progressed, so did the commentary.

Here are our top 10 live-tweet reactions from this #TrueCrimeMonday live-tweet party!

Starting the live-tweet party, fans commented how much they enjoy Monday nights with TV One.

“#fatalattraction has a hold on me @tvonetv,” one Twitter user tweeted.

As the episode continued, fans became alert once it was discovered that the 50-year-old grandmother was missing.

“Lay back down! They had of told me my mom was out all night long I am calling 911 immediately #fatalattraction,” one fan said.

As we got into Robin’s background, fans suspected that Omar committed a violent crime against her.

Others shared that they don’t trust Omar at all.

“I don’t trust Chuck or Omar. #FatalAttraction,” said this loyal Fatal Attraction.

When Chuck, Young’s boyfriend, was introduced, fans automatically grew suspicious.

Another fan exclaimed, “Chuck looking real suspect right now. #FatalAttraction.”

When things took a turn for the worst, fans didn’t know who to suspect of killing Robin.

When Chuck’s past started to reveal itself, it threw everyone in a frenzy.

This Twitter user was beyond stressed out trying to crack this case.

Fans also cracked jokes about Chuck turning into Chuckie.



When the ending came, everyone had jokes, and memes prepared.

One fan thought it was funny when the suspect got caught at the end of the chase and tweeted, “Tackled his old ass ?? #FatalAttraction.”

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