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The Oprah Winfrey Network show Iyanla Fix My Life has been on-air for nearly 10 years before the series ended this past May. The series host, Iyanla Vanzant shares with the public that she would rather help others off-camera.

The spiritual teacher and life coach shared her experience with viewers leaving unpleasant comments also assisted with exhausting her experience as a television host of her show.

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In a recent interview with Tamron Hall, host of The Tamron Hall Show, Vanzant mentions that she believes that the “principle is freedom.”

“I wanted freedom,” says the life coach. “Freedom to be, to do, to go, and you know, doing a show, you don’t have no freedom.”

The Brooklyn native recently disclosed on The Tamron Hall Show “I’m very sensitive to energy” says the 68-year-old. “Because you go into people’s homes, you’re in their bathroom, you’re in their kitchen, they think they know you and they think they have a right to say certain things because we’re not clear and conscious of the energy we send out.”

Vanzant continued to express her experience with cyberbullying, “​​So through the emails, through the social media, people would come into my home,” the former host states. “I was getting death threats because they didn’t like something I said or did. And I’m like, I want to be free of this. I don’t want this.”

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Reflecting on the death threats that she’s received, Vanzant declares “I got death threats around certain shows, around certain issues, around things that I said,” she continues. “People would come to my home, you know, because with the internet, they can find you anywhere.”

The former television host further explained to Hall that people reached out to the spiritual teacher for life coach assistance, however, Vanzant discloses that it was done inappropriately.

Instead of going through the proper channels, people instead got ahold of Vanzant’s personal phone number and called.

“They would call me, ‘I know you don’t know me, but I need help.’ Wait a minute, hold up,” says the mother of three. “And I have so many vehicles and avenues where I serve people. I’m on social media, I have classes, I teach. You don’t get to call me on my private phone at two o’clock in the morning. So I just wanted to be free of that,” she continues “That was more important to me.”

Iyanla Fix My Life aired for 10 seasons from 2012 to 2021.

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