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After its five-year streak in the ‘90s, fans of the infamous Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper might be able to see it in the form of a reboot.

According to Holly Robinson Peete, comedian Mark Curry and former child actress Raven-Symoné are onboard of the show’s return.

“He wants to do it,” she said. “Raven Symoné said she would do it, so we’re just waiting on Warner Brothers to give us a green light. I hang out with Mark Curry all of the time in real life. I still hang with Mr. Cooper very often and we are buddies ’til we die. I love it.”



During an interview with HollywoodLife, Peete shared that her co-stars were completely down for a ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’ reboot.

The 1992 sitcom follows a former Golden State Warriors basketball player, Mark Cooper (played by Curry) who became a high school science teacher and P.E. teacher for Oakbridge High School. As Cooper makes his transition from NBA player to a high school, he lives with roommate Vanessa (played by Peete) and raises his cousin Nicole (played by Symoné) as his daughter while dealing with having a positive outlook on life.

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Later in the series, Cooper, and Russell dated and got engaged. When asked about how she sees her character in today’s time if the show were on-air, Peete states “I think Vanessa would’ve married very rich.”

“She’d be well taken care of and lots of Louboutins. Maybe she’d be on her third or fourth marriage now. Who knows,” the actress continues. “She was so much fun to play because she was so ditzy and loud and wrong all of the time, but she was so fearless and fun and I love the physical comedy. For me, her character was a total dream to play.”

While reflecting on her time filming, the 57-year-old said she misses her character’s Vanessa stunts. These stunts include jumping in trash cans. “I’m ready to put my Loubs and my knee pads [on] and do my stunts,” said Philadelphia native.

While fan bases of other 90s popular shows, such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Wonder Years are getting reboots, this wouldn’t be the first discussion of a possible Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper reboot.

“We’ve been talking about it over the years for so many years, and with so many reboots come and gone, it’s like, “Where’s Cooper?” the sitcom co-star shared. “I feel like it’s the natural progression of things. My fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to do it. There’s not a script yet, but we’re going to keep trying.”

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In the meantime, the actress is promoting her Hallmark film entitled Our Christmas Journey which debuts December 4th.



The film is loosely based on her son RJ, who has autism, and her 24-year-old daughter, Ryan Peete.  The mother and daughter-duo partnered with More to ADHD to raise awareness for the disorder.

“I’m always that person looking in hindsight, but by the same token, I’m also someone who’s proactive and looking to pivot and support someone who’s dealing with what I’m dealing with, who maybe had less access to resources and information,” she adds.

Tell us are you a Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper fan down below? Are you excited about a potential reboot of the show?

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