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Looks like rapper legend Lil Kim is under new management!

The Brooklyn native has been in the music industry since the mid-’90s, went to become a top-charting artist, a trendsetter, and made cameos in movies.

The 47-year-old has a lot more in store for 2021. And she’s got backup.

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In her recent appearance in Complex Magazine’s interview series “Hiking with Rappers” the Junior M.A.F.I.A member announced that she has a new manager, revealing that it is Nick Cannon.

“Nick Cannon, people don’t even know, like he’s one of my best friends,” she declares. “We’ve been best friends for years,” she says.

The Grammy Award-winning artist expresses that she wants to make changes within her career and even wants to get back into acting.

“I just shot a movie with Nick Cannon,” she explained. “And we just shot a movie called ‘Miracle Across 125th Street.’ I really did that movie for Nick, but I love doing movies.”

The mother of one announces that the next chapter in her career and legacy includes more acting roles.

“Nick is convincing me,” she says before explaining further. “You know he’s my manager?”

“I did not know that. … Your manager has, like, 20 kids!” shocking the of the Complex show’s host King Keraun.

“Crush on You” rapper quickly defends her new manager and friend, declaring “leave my manager alone!”

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The news of Cannon’s new position as Kim’s manager recently emerges after the Viacom CBS partner self-entitled talk show didn’t reach the viewership as expected. According to ShowBiz, the talk show reaped 400,000 viewership.

In addition, the numbers shut down the rumors that the former child actor’s show would replace the daytime talk show, Wendy William Show. The host of the Wendy Williams show Wendy Williams is currently facing severe medical issues. Her show has been on-air for years.

Tell us are you excited to see what the new business pair has in store for the future? Let us know down below!

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