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Rap legend Nas weighs in on a memorable moment he shared with late rapper DMX. 

On an episode of the Showtime television show Desus & Mero, the Queensbridge native dives into memorable moments and conversations he has of the Yonkers rapper while on the set of their classic film Belly.

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“That was a great time, man,” the “One Mic” rapper said while looking back on the Hype Williams‘ film.

The 48-year-old describes the “brotherhood” with the “Ruff Ryders Anthem” rapper to hosts Desus and Mero.

“I didn’t have to see him, I didn’t have to call him, he didn’t have to call me,” the Grammy Award winner explains.

“When we saw each other though, it was … beyond,” he continues. “Even working on the film, man, we cried, man.”

The father of two further explains the brotherhood formed through the 1998 film.

“We was at the tunnel outside doing a scene and I was like, ‘You feel that, bro,” Nas says. “You know what’s happening?’ And he was like, ‘yeah,’ and he started talking to me and he started crying, and now I’m crying.”

Nas claimed X’s presence was larger than life as he argued against the idea X wasn’t valued enough as an artist.

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In the interview, the King’s Disease rapper contemplates how X’s presence was larger than life as he defends the “What’s My Name” rapper legacy against the argument that X wasn’t appreciated enough as an artist.

“People need to understand DMX had more love than most rappers will ever see,” Nas said. “People said that when he passed, ‘Where was the love when he was alive?’ You gotta be kidding me. He had more love than probably 98 percent of rappers will ever have.”

The Illmatic rapper continued, “He walked through any hood, sold millions of records, he had an incredible movie career. Kids ain’t doing that today! I wish he was still here with us, but in this life, he saw more love than 1,000 rappers put together.”

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, died last April after falling into a coma and being hospitalized for nearly a week for what later turned out to be a cocaine-induced heart attack. The rapper was known for his longtime battle with drug abuse. He was 50 years old when he passed.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Earl Simmons, DMX as well as Nas.

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