Ray Parker Jr.


Whether singing, playing guitar, or crafting smooth-sailing hits like "Jack and Jill," "The Other Woman" or "You Can’t Change That," Ray Parker Jr. made success look easy. Long before his emergence as a headliner and penning the monster hit "Ghostbusters," he’d written hits for White and Chaka Khan, while crafting a Grammy winning single for Leo Sayer– "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing"– for which he never received credit. A double-dose of baby mama drama, family loss, and an ill-advised decision to leave his safe haven at Arista Records accelerated his descent from the top of the charts. But Ray Parker proved unsinkable, and along with testimony from his extended musical family– including Cheryl Lynn, Chaka Khan and Clive Davis– he tells Unsung the tale of his still-unfolding journey.

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