After arriving in Ghana, Chris missed several promotional obligations -- although he was paid $1 million.

Rihanna spoke with Elle UK Magazine about conveying honesty and strength. Unfortunately, her manner of touting each is shots of her smoking weed and an NRA-approved tattoo.

Chris Brown talks about the status of his relationship with his fellow pop star and why he’s learned to be a better man.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are planning the wildest nuptials in showbiz history. “The want tattoo artists, fire breathers and near naked waitstaff,” says a source.

Last night, the biggest awards show in music was held and my reactions ranged from “Who in the hell is that?” to “Man, this is some old bull…”

The judge overseeing Chris’ probation is waiting on more info from both sides. In response to the claims of the LA DA that Chris falsified documents about his community service, Chris’ lawyer is accusing him of lying.

San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker will be using the Frank Ocean incident to fuel his lawsuit over another fight involving Light Ike.

More excerpts from Rolling Stone’s interview with Rihanna – and surprise, surprise – a lot of it is still about Chris Brown.

Yes, according to TMZ, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean had an altercation last night in the parking lot of a recording studio – over a parking spot.

In her Rolling Out cover story, Karrueche opens about the “Birthday Cake (Remix)” where she dissed by Rihanna, how odd it was to her that she became to be followed the same way celebrities were, plus how she deals with the negative feedback from fans.

A rep for Breezy Boy confirmed to E! News that the two were at work on another single.

Speaking with VIBE about her new clothing line The Kill, Karrechue Tran also talked about the status of their relationship and whether she, Chris, and Rihanna could ever have a sit down.