New York tries to find balance. Jennifer defends “No Bricks.” Karamo and Claudia are asked about their behavior as the talk show producers.

The ratings and views spoke for themselves and CLAUDIA JORDAN is your reigning Clapback Queen! “She’s your QuEEEEEN To BEEEEE…“ …But wait, there’s more! Claudia ruled Part 1 of The Next :15 Reunion, but will she keep her crown for Part 2? Here are the clapbacks in part two of the Reunion (Sunday 7/6c) that promise […]

We knew that Sunday night’s explosive reunion special for The Next :15 would garner a lot of opinions (due to all the drama, consciousness, and fact-checking) but DAMN, you all really went in! Do some of your parents know that you speak like this on the internet? Here are 15 of the most “outta pocket” […]