Ain't nothin' like a Black CLASSIC! 🍿🎥These movies have been around for decades and they still give us all the feels.

There are some Black films that everyone knows and agrees are certified classics. They’re the films you still put in the DVD player or search on streaming platforms when you want to laugh, cry, feel nostalgic, feel a little hood, or feel the beauty of Black Love. While it may be hard to believe, some […]

Photo by: Scott Dudelson/Contributor Rapper/actor Ice Cube isn’t one for nonsense. Faizon Love, who portrayed Big Worm Friday, recently revealed in an interview with Comedy Hype that he was only paid $2,500 for his role. A Twitter user accused Ice Cube of “robbing his own people” for Love’s amount when the interview emerged online. Ice […]

LisaRaye went to Hollywood on a mission. Find out how a role in Tupac's 'Toss It Up' led to 'Players Club', easily one of her most iconic movie roles.