Will Madison and Alec finally get their happily ever after? Go inside TV One’s original new film as Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop, and Golden Brooks give us a sneak peek from the closing chapter of the Coins franchise.

Madison and Alec begin to explore their romance until reality strikes and two new distractions threaten to derail the fate of their relationship.

Essence Atkins, Carl Anthony Payne II, and Christopher B. Duncan tell all about working in the entertainment industry — from the actress who influenced Essence's career to the moment Christopher discovered his life’s calling and Carl’s advice to people who want to enter the business.

We got Essence Atkins, Christopher B. Duncan, BJ Britt, Brittany Hall, and Carl Anthony Payne II to all play UNWRAPPED! The rules? Pick a present to unwrap and answer the mystery question inside, no peeking!

Christopher B. Duncan says Essence Atkins is an "actors director" as she makes her directorial debut in Christmas Dilemma. TV One talked to the cast about how she made the movie-making process easier.

The film marks the first project directed by Essence Atkins and follows a newlywed couple as they struggle to decide which set of in-laws to spend their first Christmas with.

How do Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop and Karon Joseph Riley feel about open relationships, kissing on the first date and giving up their relationship for love? The cast of Coins For Love plays a hilarious game of This or That.

Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop and Karon Joseph Riley take you inside the show of their new film, Coins For Love.

TV One follows the success of its popular film COINS FOR CHRISTMAS with the premiere of the sequel, COINS FOR LOVE. The film’s stars Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop, TC Carson , Kendrick Cross and Karon Joseph Riley.