In 1992, Das EFX released their debut album 'Dead Serious.' The hit single "The Want EFX!" rose to the top of the charts and introduced the mainstream industry to their brand new “iggity” cadence and stutter rap style.

The trendsetting '90s rap duo reflected on their beginnings at Virginia State University back in the late '80s.

Photo by: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images Thirty years ago today, Hip-Hop had changed yet again when Das EFX released their debut album, Dead Serious. When members Krayz Drayz and Skoob teamed up and released their Dead Serious album on April 7, 1992, they made stuttering rhymes mainstream. “Riggidy-raow, Ziggidy Gadzuks, Here I go, so. Fliggedy-flame on, […]

We just got word that the “Cool Like Dat” trio, Digable Planets are coming to a city near you! That’s right, Butterfly, Ladybug Mecca, and Doodlebug are reuniting for a summer tour and these cities will get a chance to relive the 90’s. But this has us thinking: What are some other hip-hop groups that […]