Erica’s daughter, Krista, struggles with self-esteem because of her dark skin tone. Joi faces colorism in the music industry as well prompting her to question leaving the business altogether. Warryn asks Erica to co-preach with him at Church.

Joi returns from touring and shows the family her Atlanta concert. Goo shares news about her potential clothing line. Erica and Warryn have to work on their 17 year anniversary when they perform together for the first time ever.

Gospel singer/songwriter Isaac Carree was mentored by the legendary John P. Kee and later ended up on stages with some of the world's biggest artists like Diddy and Faith Hill. This is how it happened.

Isaac Carree's new album, 'No Risk No Reward' is full of raw and honest emotions, but being transparent hasn't always been easy. The Gospel star opens up about the start of his musical journey with the iconic John P. Kee, insecurities and more.

What's the bravest thing Travis Greene has ever done? If you guessed perform at Donald Trump's inauguration you'd be right! Find out the proudest moment of the Gospel singer's career, what he needs every morning, his biggest weakness and more!

Deborah Joy Winans is a part of Gospel's most famous family and one of the stars of Greenleaf -- but it doesn't mean life was easy for the niece of BeBe, CeCe and Marvin Winans. She opens up about growing up a Winans on Life + Lyrics.

Legendary singer BeBe Winans opens up about growing up as part of the First Family of Gospel, “crossing over” with his famous sister and reveals why he was ‘Born For This’.

Can you believe BeBe Winans last dream was about his ex-wife? He also reveals which R&B singer should've had a career in gospel, the most amount of money he's spent on a woman and more in 'Too Many Damn Questions'.