"Once you have us behind the lens and making some of the creative decisions, we can force those narratives to change.” The cast and writer of Bad Dad Rehab: The Next Session tackle what can be done to change Black father stereotypes.

Mr. Owen (Lamman Rucker) helps Chauncey discover that the true root of his bad parenting skills are due to his relationship with his mother.

While discussing his purpose as an actor to amplify Black voices, Lamman Rucker introduces the new cast of bad dads in TV One's newest film.

Go inside Bad Dad Rehab: The Next Session with Big Daddy Kane and Lammar Rucker as they destigmatize Black fatherhood in TV One’s newest movie.

When it comes to parenting, these men don't have any of the right answers. But with the help from Mr. Arnold (Lamman Rucker), will they get their act together before it's too late?