1. That “Insecure” Finale

After a season of cringe-worthy revelations about love and sex, the last 15 seconds of the finale nearly killed us and our preconceived notions about Lawrence.

2. When Daenerys Kills EVERYBODY

You know that moment when you decide you’re not taking sh*t from another person? That happened when Dany literally lit every Khal on fire and walked out unharmed, unburnt and in charge!

3. Negan Killed Glenn (and Abraham)

While most of us kinda-sorta knew Glenn was going to die, none of us were prepared to actually see it. In fact we’re still not ready or fully recovered.

4. The “Queen Sugar” Basketball Court Scene

Like it was ripped straight out of a Terry McMillan novel, Charley interrupts a LIVE basketball game (in heels no less) to confront her cheating-ass husband. Life was given that day.

5. The “Atlanta” Jail Scene

Soooo much was happening in this episode. From Earn witnessing the full “spectrum of male sexuality” to the one dude who regretted meeting up with an old friend — it encapsulated why the show was so funny, so true and so on time.