It’s that time of year!

That’s right, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we can’t wait to our thanks and gratitude for this year while also eating our highly anticipated Thanksgiving dinners.

Whether you’re celebrating with your family or celebrating Friendsgiving, here are our favorite Thanksgiving dishes we CAN’T live without!


1. Turkey

Thanksgiving turkey easy lands in the number one spot for Thanksgiving dishes we can’t live without! Whether its baked, grilled, or fried Thanksgiving turkey will make our hearts and stomachs sing for joy!

2. Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Now, now! Hear us out!

Macaroni and cheese can make OR BREAK a Thanksgiving meal! There is no time to experiment with this dish, just follow the family recipe.

3. Collard Greens

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of collard greens to seal the deal on Thanksgiving!

4. Thanksgiving Glazed Ham

We got you ham lovers! You know we can’t leave glazed ham off of our list.

5. Stuffing

More stuffing, please!

6. Sweet Potato Pie

You know we can always make room for sweet potato pie!

7. Candied Yams

Right after we finish our umpteenth serving of sweet potato pie, we are coming for the candied yams next!