1. Bobby DeBarge

Known for his good looks, smooth demeanor and a once in a lifetime voice, Bobby DeBarge is a true music icon.

2. DeBarge

Before they became superstars, they were just a shy group of siblings looking for the right opportunity!

3. La Toya Jackson

Did you know about the love fling between this Jackson lady and Bobby?

4. An Unmatched Falsetto

Roshon Fegan is taking on the lead role of Bobby DeBarge.

5. A Charm Like No Other

Bobby DeBarge was known to be a ladies man!

6. Switch

Gregory Williams founded the Funk Band Switch, which allowed Bobby to rise to stardom.

7. A Party Lifestyle Got The Best of Bobby DeBarge

This film dives into the light and darkness of Bobby DeBarge’s career and life.

8. Jermaine Jackson

People sometimes forget how tight the Jackson and DeBarge families were.

9. Bobby Was Known for His Powerful Lyrics

Always working. If he wasn’t on stage or in the studio, Bobby was writing!

10. One Night at the Studio Changed Everything!

One session with the legendary Berry Gordy is all it took for DeBarge to soar!

11. Instant Success Came Quickly to This Talented Family

DeBarge released hit after hit, including their most popular song “I Like It.”

12. A Man of Many Talents

Writing, singing and performing, Bobby never ceased to amaze his fans.

13. Bobby and Teri DeBarge

One thing for sure, Bobby loved his family.