1. No Way Out Tour (1997)

Kim performs in yellow at the No Way Out Tour.

2. MTV VMAs (1997)

Lil Kim and Left Eye are double trouble in this Egyptian theme.

3. Vibe And Mac Album Party (2000)

4. Lady of Soul Awards (1998)

Always down for a little extra bling…head to toe that is!

5. MTV Movie Awards (2001)

Less is more when it comes to Kim!

6. Versace Fashion Show (2001)

Designer hair? All hail the queen!

7. VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards (1999)

8. Interview Magazine 30th Anniversary (1998)

9. Golden Gladiator (1998)

Lil Kim poses with Brandy in this gold meets gladiator ensemble.

10. MTV VMAs (1999)

The MOST ICONIC Lil Kim look! Is this even up for debate?