Daily Morning Show Executive Producer (Freelance)


The ideal candidate will work as a freelance producer of News One Now and is responsible for the creative vision and execution of TV One’s signature news show. Conceived as a vehicle to bring together the worlds of TV One, Radio One and Interactive One, News One Now will air across all three platforms, with a 3-hour show that begins on radio with one hour broadcast on TV One. Once the show is off the air, user interaction continues through the Interactive One family of websites. Helps create, produce, and manage an innovative news radio, and television program.  The Executive Producer is responsible for executing the overall vision for News One Now for the news program as determined by the TV One network.  The Executive Producer will also work closely with the Programming and Production department in the development of the show from its beginning.


•    Evaluate the significance of, and be able logically prioritize news, current events, and entertainment as it relates to the show’s and networks goals.
•    Work effectively and collaboratively with colleagues at Radio One and TV One.
•    Have strong relationships that will attract exciting, lighting rod guests.
•    Create new segments and platforms to showcase the hosts, guests, and network’s initiatives.
•    Monitor the music, sports, and entertainment industries for cultural trends, for inclusion in the program segments.
•    Work closely with the network executives, show hosts, and staff to brainstorm and develop content that satisfies the strategic vision of the show. Manage the production process while taking into account long term and short term goals vital to the execution of this job.  This includes coordinating the show’s efforts with Interactive One, Radio One, and the marketing, VOD, operations, and sales departments.
•    Work closely with the Executive In Charge of Production for approval of show content and overall direction, as well as to disseminate show information to internal Network teams throughout all stages of production.
•    Supervise entire editorial process from story inception to final broadcast implementation. Review, edit, and approve preliminary story ideas, outlines, scripts, package cuts, promotions, teases, production schedules, budgets, graphics and music.
•    Supervise all production “re-versioning” or repackaging of the program, including post-production audio, scripting, graphics and field and studio production.
•    Provide well-timed, constructive feedback to show producers and hosts throughout all stages of development and production.
•    Hire and supervise production team. Responsible for managing their daily workload and schedule.
•    Work routinely with network executives to stay abreast of and evaluate progress to effectively stay competitive help advance the program.
•    Foster and manage a collaborative, constructive, communicative work relationship with the network Talent Department to maintain good relationships with talent on the News One Now Show, to negotiate talent contracts, review talent audition material, and coordinate with other TV One Network show producers in the implementation of said talents and guests.
•    Communicate production information to all internal Senior Management, and TV One departments including Production Management, Business Affairs, Legal, Scheduling, Marketing, Distribution, Talent, Communications, Online and others as required.
•    Adhere to and be accountable for all aspects of News One Now’s editorial, budgetary, and production standards, as well as contractual and deliverables requirements for TV One programming.  Engage in clear, on-going communication with Operations department to ensure the editorial guidelines and standards of quality as dictated by the network are met.
•    Be accountable for the effective and healthy financial management of the show’s production.
•    Key representative to external partners, including clients, outside vendors, the press, civic organizations, and production entities.
•    Identify the important projects that the programming department should be developing, commissioning and coordinating with marketing, ad sales and other key functional areas to execute on those projects.
•    Ensure the efficient information flow or programming needs, deliver dates and airdates to all department heads.
•    Participate in cable industry organizations and functions to increase TV One’s exposure to the media, customers and suppliers.


•    Must stay up-to-date and familiar with trends in mobile communications, and social media.
•    Must play a role in initiatives that have implications network-wide as determined by the network like best practices, sharing information, improving vendor relations, business affairs processes, etc.
•    Must be a visionary that can build news program for the TV One network’s audience spanning radio and television.
•    Must be able to evaluate the significance of, and be able to logically prioritize news, current events, and entertainment as it relates to the shows and networks goals.
•    Collaborative and able to accept input and feedback from network executives.
•    Strong team leader, able to communicate the vision and motivate the team
•    Innovative with knowledge of emerging technology.
•    Strong copy writing and research skills.
•    Must demonstrate experience managing the creative process from concept to air.
•    Multi-camera event programming experience is a plus. Knowledge of studio and field production principles, control room etiquette and operating standards.
•    Results oriented. Demonstrate a strong track record of creative execution and successful ratings performance.
•    Ability to work closely with related divisions including public relations, marketing, and sales.
•    Travel may be required.
•    Legal right to work in the U.S.


Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred, 10 years of experience combining field and studio news production, talk shows, and radio production. And, experience in planning, managing and executing a daily news broadcast product is vital.  Preferably based in Washington, DC area where the show will be produced.