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Steve Biko’s slogan “Black Is Beautiful” still resonates 46 years after the anti-apartheid icon was murdered by South African police on Sept. 12, 1977. Here are several other of his timeless quotes. The post Never Forget: Anti-Apartheid Icon Steve Biko Was Murdered By South African Police On This Day In 1977 appeared first on NewsOne.

Black America

From MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech to Emmett Till's lynching and more, the calendar date of August 28 remains an important day in Black history with some extreme highs and lows. The post Here’s Why August 28 Is A Major Date In Black History appeared first on NewsOne.

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1. African Burial Ground National Monument (New York) The discovery of an African burial ground in lower Manhattan was a surprise to the workers who unearthed it in 1991 as they prepared to construct a federal office building. More shocking still was its scope: Hundreds of remains were found dating from the 1690s through 1794. […]

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