Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah still has the streets talking. In the interview, Meghan opened up about everything from racism to not being accepted in the Royal Palace.
Actress LisaRaye McCoy recently shared how she empathizes with Meghan’s experience. McCoy, who was married to the former Chief Minister of Turks & Caicos, Michael Misick, shared how her relationship was similar to Meghan’s experience. Similar to Meghan, McCoy walked away from Hollywood to assume her new role as First Lady.

On her Out Loud show, she shared with co-hosts Vivica Foxx, Claudia Jordan, and Syleena Johnson that her move to the island wasn’t welcomed by the Turks & Caicos community, and she was ultimately viewed as an outsider.
“I get it. I understand,” she said during the Cocktails and Queens segment of the Fox Soul show. “I absolutely understand when she [Meghan] said that she had to turn over her passport, and her keys, she stopped driving, she had to have security, and part of your life becomes tunnel vision.”

Honorable Michael E. Misick, Premier of Turks and Caicos and First Lady LisaRaye Misick (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage)

McCoy shared how starting her new life meant leaving behind her family and friends.
“You leave all that you know,” she continued. “You leave all your friends, you leave all your family behind for this whole new world that you want to be accepted in and that you have turned your back on all that you knjow to become this and when you’re not accepted, that’s a big a** blow — not only to your ego, to your self-esteem, but to your life and what your commitment was to your husband to start this brand new life in his place.”
Although her royal marriage ended, McCoy thought highly of how Harry protected his family.
“What I love is that [Harry] loved her enough to say ‘Let’s go.’ …I didn’t sign up for that either and although mine was just a little smidget of hers, I identify with what she’s saying and it’s sad. I’m glad that they got out.

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